Tryg Affinity use cookies to some extent

Therefore, you need to be aware of, that by proceeding from the front page of, you accept our use of cookies.

A cookie is a little textfile  which are put on your computer, when you visit Is is passive and are not able to spread any kind of virus or other harmful programs.

What will Tryg Affinity use cookies for?

The use of cookies makes it possible, that information from your visit to will be saved.

Our statistical system picks up information through cookies. These cookies informs us about how customers move around on the website. For example, we collect information about how many visitors we have, which sites are shown the most, and which paths customers follow on their visit to We use this information, to improve the user friendliness of the website.

We will also use cookies to share information’s with business partners and collaborators about visits on Affinity’s websites. This happens, to ensure that the messages, you receive from us, on third-party websites, are as relevant and applicable as possible. We only disclose information, that your device at some point has visited an Affinity website. We will not share any other kind of data about you which includes personal data.

Cookies are necessary in order to be able to show you the same content across multiple visits on Affinity’s websites. Certain parts of the content on Affinity’s websites exist in different types. Through cookies it is possible to choose, the type that suites each customer the best way possible.

It is cookies, that makes sure, that you will get the same type each time you visit our sites. We use these functionalities to figure out which types of the same content, out visitors likes the most.

This is how you turn off cookies

You can always turn of the cookies, by choosing the relevant settings in your browser.

This is how you delete cookies

You can delete cookies from your computer. How you do this, depends on which browser you are using. Look under “Help” in your browser. If you delete your cookies, will behave like it’s the first time you are visiting the site.